How To Produce The Best Internet Business Advertising

Published: 18th June 2015
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Have you ever purchased advertising for your online business that didn't produce the results you expected ? It happens to everybody at some stage, so we need to put as many checks in place as possible to ensure that we get the best possible results.

To drive customers to your squeeze page to discover your products and services you are, at some stage , going to have to place a ad . But you must purchase your adverts carefully and you have to make certain steps to make sure that you get the best possible return on your investment.

So, what can you do when you place an ad for your internet business, your ad is the best possible advertisement that it can be?

The Headline .

The most important part of your ad is the headline as this is what readers will read first . If your headline does not attract attention and make the reader want to see more, then the ad will not work. The headline must make it obvious what the benefit of your product is to the person reading it. The one thing you need to convey in the headline is what the reader will get if they do what you want them to do.

Don't Waste Time .

Nobody has the time to read every advertisement in every publication. That is why your ad must quickly come straight to the point and make the reader find out more. You need to convey your main point in an emotional way as people tend to buy what they want more often than they buy what they need.

What Are The Benefits? .

It's the benefits of your product that will sell it, not the features, A feature is what your product or service does and a benefit is what it does for me, your customer. For example, the feature of a new mobile phone might be that it has a 32GB memory but the benefit means that I can keep all my favourite photos, videos, music, and apps in one place so that I'll be able to enjoy them whenever and wherever I want.

It is a good habit to make a note of all the benefits of your product and then squeeze as many as you can in your advertisement.

Call To Action .

Once you have created your headline and listed your benefits you have to inform the reader what to do next. Don't just leave them hanging in suspense . Rather than just using a simple, 'click here' message, put a benefit with the call to action message. For example, if you are selling a time saving product , you could end your ad with 'click here to begin saving time today!'.


Tracking your advertisement results will not make your ads better, but it will make your online business more effective.

If the advertisement does not work , the problem might not be the advert - it might be your site or the place that you are actually advertising.

When an advertisement get clicks but no sales are made, the problem is your website or the source of the traffic and not the advertisement. Don't forget the job of the ad is to get clicks, not make sales. It is the job of your website or squeeze page to make the sale. Also, if you get a lot of sales while running several different ad , you have to know which one is working so that you can scale it up for more efficient results.

Your adverts ads should charm the reader into clicking your ad, making only promises that you can keep and speaking benefits that readers want and that make them respond.


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