How to Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

Published: 17th June 2015
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Are you going through a break up with your man? Are you thinking "How do I get my ex boyfriend back?" Has your relationship just suddenly ended and I you cannot understand why? If you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back, there are a number of things you can do, but first let's look at some things that you should not do when you are trying to get him back.

"How do I get my ex-boyfriend back?" - 3 Mistakes to Avoid.

Don't keep calling him.

This is when you cannot stop calling your boyfriend and hoping to get him to speak to you. You start to freak out when he does not reply instantly, and you end up sitting by the telephone waiting for it to ring. Worse still, often you end up calling, sending loads of text or email messages over and over again. If he is not replying, he is telling you to leave him alone. If you constantly try to contact him it will push him further away.

Don't over-apologise.

If you have done something wrong, then probably your first impulse is to want plead for forgiveness, and tell him how much you love him. This almost never works simply because the person who has broken the relationship is typically emotionally detached to the situation as it is. They are prepared for you to very emotional and they probably think that asking for forgiveness now is a bit too late.

Don't over react.

When your emotions are in turmoil, you are inclined to say and do things you would not usually do. You may call your boyfriend names and make him guilty about breaking up the relationship. These are emotional reactions can damage a relationship significantly if repeated over a period of time. If you do have a 'heat of the moment, outburst, apologize briefly afterwards, then let things cool down.

"How do I get my ex-boyfriend back?" - 3 Tips to Use.

Be the girl he fell in love with.

Show him the girl he fell in love with every time you do come into contact. You want to remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place. Just do not over do it and make it totally obvious you're trying to please him. But, this will only be effective if you come into contact with him when he is ready.Remember the first point above - don't keep calling him.

Make him chase you.

Men like challenges and if you make it too easy to have you, he is going to lose interest quickly. Don't give in to sleeping with an ex boyfriend until you are certain he is ready to commit to you again. Make him chase you, work for your love and want to spend more time with you on his own.

Take your time.

If you want to get back with your ex boyfriend you cannot rush things. Love typically hits us when we least expect it so it's best to push all thoughts of getting back together as far to the back of your mind as possible and simply focus on having a positive friendship with your ex instead.


When a relationship breaks up it is often very difficult to know what to do if you want to get back with your ex. For help in reconciliation, regaining the trust and passion lost due to whatever reasons that caused the breakup and genuine advice on what to do and what to say to really get your ex back please visit

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