How To Get Started With An Online Marketing Business

Published: 18th June 2015
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Online marketing or internet marketing, relates to an established set of resources and strategies utilised for promoting products and services by means of the world wide web. These products and services may be versions that you have produced on your own or they may be products or services that you market for another person , who then will pay out a commission when you sell them.

There are two differing principles that you will generally hear about when getting started with an online marketing business. The first principle of making money online is characterized as a complicated and expensive process. The second principle is described as just having to click a few buttons for the money to come rolling in.

The truth of the matter is that both of these are incorrect. The actual answer lies somewhere in between. An online marketing business is a business, not a leisure activity, and it does require hard work, dedication and direction. To start an online marketing business, or digital marketing business, there are three basic steps (product, method, customer) that you need to follow to find online success.

Product. The initial thing you need when you start an online marketing business is something to sell. Your products could be an actual physical product, a service, or a digital product. A digital product is something where your customer get access to it via the internet, for example an ebook, video series or membership website.

Method. When you are doing a job in the conventional business world, you have an office, a factory, or a store with personnel with methods and systems in place to sell your products. The same goes for digital marketing. The internet may be big and you may believe that would be very simple to locate buyers because so many people are on the internet.

But, without the right methods and systems, it is actually far harder online than offline. This is due to the fact that when a consumer is buying something offline, they can see, feel and ask questions about the product or service that they are about to purchase. But when a customer is buying online these choices are not readily accessible. The important aspect for online marketing success is to have the right methods and systems in place to automate the bulk of the selling and telling of your products.

Customer. The fundamental principle of any business, whether it is offline or online is that if you do not have customers, you do not have a business. This might sound totally obvious but it is not unusual for an online business to get set up with an extravagant website and products, and then fail because they have not done any research to see if there is a market for the products.

If you are producing your own products you must do your research and find out whether your product or service actually has a market, and whether that product or service can really make money before you start spending months producing it.

Remember, this also is applicable if you are selling a product or service for another person or company as an affiliate. You must do your research so that you know that you have a product or service that people will be willing to buy because it fulfils a need or solves a problem.


When getting started with an online marketing business there can seem to be a mountain of obstacles to climb - from understanding search engine optimisation to blogging, from pay per click advertising to social media marketing, from finding the right products to sell to finding customers to buy them, the list goes on. To learn how to quickly and easily get your online business started visit

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