Understanding Online Banner Advertising

Published: 26th June 2015
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Every internet business, to make money , needs to attract customers who will purchase something from them. Developing a customer list is hard work and it takes time and effort to drive targeted traffic to your website. One of the most preferred ways to generate traffic to your internet business is with online I internet banner advertising.

Online banner ads consist of rectangular shaped adverts which are shown on websites and can vary a lot in the way they look and what they are about . However they all have the same basic objective to motivate a viewer to click on the advertisement and then be directed to the advertisers website or squeeze page.

Online banner adverts are available in many different sizes and are measured in 'pixels'. A pixel is the most basic unit of colour that creates graphics on a computer screen.

The size of the banner ad you choose for your online business is dependent on your budget , the location of the banner on the website , the amount of traffic to the website and the period of time that the banner will be displayed.

What makes online banner adverts effective?

Effective banner adverts are the result of a number of different factors. In the first place, your banner must be congruent with the website. Put simply, if your online business is about flowers it is unlikely that you will have much response if you position your banner advert on a website about dog training !

The purpose of banner ads is to 'sell the click' and simply get readers to click on the ad . Once they have clicked, your landing page that you send them to starts to sell your product or service.

Do not have lots of confusing graphics on your banner advertisement . Don't try to sell your product with your banner - use your message as a solution to a problem. For example, if your internet is about weight loss you could say something like "If you want to lose weight but can't - click here for the secret diet that has helped thousands of people".

For the best results, link your ad to a squeeze page with an opt-in form. You can encourages the viewer to submit their email by offering to send them more useful information free of charge. Then, once they have submitted their details , they will be on your potential customer list and your autoresponder email marketing will do the rest.

How To Create An Online Banner Advert.

When you have chosen a website where you want to advertise you will have to supply the artwork for the banner. This is generally supplied via an upload to a link that that website owner will give you. Usually, your affiliate partner will have ready made banner artwork for you use. All you have to do is provide the link to where the viewer will be directed when they click on your banner ad There are also free of charge online banner graphic creators or you can outsource the banner to a graphic designer.

How To Book An Online Banner Ads .

Most websites will provide advertising cost details . If not , you can get in contact the website owner direct and ask for details. There are also several broker website who provide all the advertising information for you.

The cost of banner advertisements are determined in two ways. One is for a set number of days and the other is for the number of impressions which means how often the ad is shown.

Do Online Banner Advertisements Work?

Some web commentators say that banner ads are not effective and some say that it is a very effective method to drive traffic to your website.

Internet banner advertisements are like any other type of advertising. You must make sure that your banner grabs the attention of your target audience and generates interest in your product or service. The advertisement must encourage the viewer to want to discover more and thus take action by clicking on your banner.

If your banner advert has got somebody to click on it, then it has done its job. It is then the job of your squeeze page to where you have sent the viewer to do its job. And that is a whole other story.


When setting up an online business there can seem to be a mountain of obstacles to climb - from understanding banner advertising to search engine optimisation, from pay per click advertising to social media marketing, from finding the right products to sell to finding customers to buy them, the list goes on. To learn how to quickly and easily give your online business a boost Click Here.

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